Darling, 160

Darling, 160

Artist: 96kbs

→ Cat.№: ID008

‘Darling, 160‘ comes on behalf of Romanian born Enif Caine, a now London based producer and DJ who is making some serious in-roads amongst a new breed of techno artists. The track ‘Darling, 160’ uses ghostly pads that float over the background of a crisp, heavy kick drum combining two different qualities before welcoming the percussive blips into the mix.
From the obscure depths of just another soul lost to the quarantine: ‘Darling, 160‘ by label newcomer 96kbs. Harness the angry force of a lost generation and feed on their dark power.
Blurred vision, cold sweat, burning nerves… this track will seal your destiny.

Releasedate: 20.11.2020 | Beatport & Spotify Presale: 09.11.2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Leftfield Techno / Breakbeat