Artist: DJ Flatscreen

DJ Flatscreen returns to trackIDpls with his sophisticated breakbeat banger „Soma“. As the tamer of the synthesizer, he knows exactly how to elicit his own sound from his music. Flatscreen can roughly be described as the interplay of various influences such as techno, breakbeat, drum and bass, ambient, clicks & cuts and indietronica. Characteristics of his music are the exploration and use of unusual sounds, e.g. Overdriven modulation frequencies, interference or distortion as well as rhythmic and melodic complexity. If there is one thing you should buy this year, buy this!

A Soma (Original Mix)

Release: Sep 25, 2020
Beatport-Presale: Sep 14, 2020

Cat.№. — ID007


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Premiere auf Youtube: 25.09.2020 20:15 Uhr