Record label from Kassel, Germany.
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Rabiat – Nutrient Soil → 29.03 / 12.04
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Nutrient Soil

Artist: Rabiat
→ Cat.№: ID009

One of trackidpls’s most indispensable talents, Rabiat from Hamburg blesses us with his firstclass five-tracker. Rabiat has a masterful command of his machines and is an inspired sound designer, imbuing his productions with bags of creativity and cross-genre futurism. …

Releasedate: 12.04.2021 | Beatport Presale / Spotify: 29.03.2021

Releasetyp: EP
Genre: Minimal


Darling, 160

Artist: 96kbs
→ Cat.№: ID008

‘Darling, 160‘ comes on behalf of Romanian born Enif Caine, a now London based producer and DJ who is making some serious in-roads amongst a new breed of techno artists. The track ‘Darling, 160’ uses ghostly pads…

Releasedate: 20.11.2020 | Beatport Presale / Spotify: 06.11.2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Leftfield Techno / Breakbeat



Artist: DJ Flatscreen
→ Cat.№: ID007

DJ Flatscreen returns to trackIDpls with his sophisticated breakbeat banger „Soma“. As the tamer of the synthesizer, he knows exactly how to elicit his own sound from his music. Flatscreen can roughly be described as the interplay of various influences such as techno, breakbeat, drum and bass, ambient, clicks & cuts and indietronica. If there is one thing you would buy this year, it is this record!

Releasedate: 25.09.2020 | Beatport Presale / Spotify: 11.09.2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Leftfield Bass


Dub + Dub Dub

Artist: Potzi & DJ Flatscreen
→ Cat.№: ID006

The EP opens with a deep transcendental slice of dub and techno propelled by a wicked bassline, a brilliant composition of punchy multi-layered drum work and catchy synth lines, you will never forget.

Releasedate: 14.09.2020 | Beatport Presale / Spotify: 31.08.2020

Releasetyp: EP | 2 Tracks
Genre: Leftfield Bass / NuDub



Artist: Potzi & 96kbs
→ Cat.№: ID005

96kbs flannel ex paranoid Potzi. Meditation occupy man bun salvia swag drinking vinegar. Next level Mamordude, kickstarter semiotics meth aesthetic officia breakaz. As mentioned above, there are a number of clear Influences on the sound.

Releasedate: 11.09.2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Breaks



Artist: Kommando Schwarztee & Enif
→ Cat.№: ID004

Kommando Schwartzee & Enif returns with 5AM, a track made in Kassel. This is an electro synth tune that manages not to sound like a retro re-tread. It has pace, energy and verve and a sense of its own importance…

Release: Aug 31, 2020 | Spotify Preview: Aug 17, 2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Deep House


Crusher 7

Artist: Snufkin
→ Cat.№: ID003

The machine never stops. The machine never sleeps. The machine consumes you and you become the machine. If you seek comfort, sedation even from your suffering – this ist no place for you. The only thing you can learn from Snufkins newest release Crusher 7

Releasedate: 24.08.2020 | Beatport Presale: 10.08.2020

Releasetyp: Single
Genre: Techno


Der Alleskleber

Free Download

Artist: IBAN
→ Cat.№: ID-F001

Dieser Ausnahmekünstler, bieten eine musikalische Darbietung, die zwar auf keinem LFO überragende Envelope, ermöglichen aber aufgrund ihres Dezibelwerte auf fast allen Analogen (Ausnahme: einige Delays und Reverbs) eine gute Benetzung.

Release: 20.07.2020



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